Client Charter


  • 1. Treatments & Products

    Treatments and take-home skin care products recommended to you will be tailored uniquely to your own skin needs and skin conditions.

  • 2. Treatment Intervention

    If we feel or observe that a treatment is not suitable, we will make sure that you are informed why the treatment is not going to be administered.

  • 3. Hygiene

    Infection control is paramount in our clinic:

    • Hand hygiene
    • Sharps safety
    • Sterilisation and disinfection of utensil equipment and devices
    • Environmental infection prevention and control
    • Respiratory hygiene/cough etiquette
    • Safe injection practises
  • 4. Medical History Disclosure

    Our medical history questionnaire will be comprehensively explained. We expect client honesty as well as transparency on all previous treatments they have had. Insofar as, what, when and how.

  • 5. Advice

    Our priority is to make sure that you are fully enlightened about the treatments we provide. We also advise of any side effects/complications that are possible and how we deal with such incidents if they should occur.

  • 6. Alternative Treatment

    We will advise you of any alternative treatments available so you can make an informed decision on which treatment to choose.

  • 7. Appointment Scheduling & Attendence

    We expect you to honour your appointment by attending on the agreed date and time or call to reschedule/cancel within 24 hours prior to your booking. We reserve your appointment especially for you!  Please allow ample time is allowed for traffic and parking.

    Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate late attendance. We will do our very best to cater for you where possible by offering the next available appointment.

    Thank you kindly Nqobile Nhlebela and Team Opulence Aesthetics Clinic & Skin.


Opulence Aesthetics Clinic testimonal 1

"Nqobile is an amazing Registered Nurse (RN) who did an amazing job while doing my lip fillers a couple of weeks ago. I am super pleased with the final results. Highly recommend her services."

Opulence Aesthetics Clinic testimonal 2

"The most beautiful skin experience I have ever had in a long time.I received an ASAP Delux Facial with microdermabrasion and a few days post treatment my face was glowing felt rejuvenated. I like getting this treatment even 4-5 weeks to keep away from radicals and on top of my skin with a refreshed and rejuvenated look. Thank you so much Opulence Aesthetics."

Opulence Aesthetics Clinic testimonal 3

"Had a girl last night and EVERYONE loved my lips!!!! I recommended you to everyone I know!! Hehehe!! Thank you."

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